The quality of relationship we have with others depends on the quality of relationship we have with our self


Our one-to-one coaching sessions are designed to liberate a person’s potential, increase clarity and direction, and support them on their journey of enhancing effectiveness in professional and personal life.

We create space in which thinking can flourish.

Even though we have been working in the coaching space for years, we are continually inspired to see how the process dramatically improves a person’s outlook and approach to life. While there is no standard number of coaching sessions, we make recommendations on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of questions people bring to coaching sessions:
  • I feel like I’m surviving but not thriving. How do I bring more balance to my life?
  • Where do I fit ‘me’ into life? I seem to come last (if at all) after everything else.
  • I am at a crossroads - how can I get a bit more perspective to make choices with clarity and prepare myself for the new direction my life is taking?
  • How can I get out of the rut I am in and get a new perspective on what’s possible?
  • How do I step out of doing for my team and empower them to take more ownership?
  • How do I prioritize competing needs?
  • How do I motivate, inspire, engage and influence others?
  • I am needing to become more aware of how I ‘show up’ as a leader and shift my behaviours – where do I start?

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