We are highly professional – with a dash of difference

Our Approach

We are pragmatic and down to earth blending together our knowledge of people development and range of skills to create effective learning experiences which can include:

  • Facilitated bespoke workshop sessions with identified groups and stakeholders.
  • Consulting on people development approaches and processes in organisations.
  • One to one coaching with individuals.
  • Retreats and off-site countryside immersion experiences for individuals and teams.

We continually monitor the progress that is being made to create meaningful shifts and adapt our approaches mid-stream if necessary.

Our dash of difference:

  • Hand select inspiring workshop and retreat venues that offer a complete change of scene from the day to day. The change in setting is a strong catalyst to open up mindsets, enable conversations and the ability to see things from a different perspective.
  • Encourage people to put aside the titles and formal approaches to be more themselves in an open and safe enviornment. 
  • Focus strongly on growing the quality of relationships and thinking - these together have a huge influence on the quality of actions and results of an organisation. 
  • Place strong emphasis on people leaving baobaB experiences with plenty of pragmatic tools and practical solutions in hand that are relevant and can easily be applied. 
  • Driven to make a difference in the world  – be it at the social level, or in the natural world through our work.

Affectionately known as the upside down tree, the baobab is symbolic of how we make the invisible visible and help people to see themselves, their organisation and potential from a different perspective. The baobab also represents our optimism, hope and belief that life is not just about surviving – but about thriving in all conditions.