People are our passion. Every engagement, every exchange and every connection ignites us.

Who we are

South African-based baobaB connection holds over 20 years’ worth of experience as people development specialists and have a deep understanding of human behaviour and change.

We partner with a network of individuals and organisations and draw on their wide range of expertise on a project-by-project basis. This means that we can weave a compelling mix of customised skills suited to the specific needs of each organisation.

We have qualifications and accreditations with different tools including Time to Think, EQ 2.0 and Flawless Consulting. We use Heartstyles to measure and transform the culture of an organisation.


Sarah Campbell-Watts | Director  

Sarah has a broad depth of experience and has worked as a personal and professional development facilitator for PricewaterhouseCooper, as an independent consultant, and as a business owner.

Her career has seen her work with a range of clients across different industries and sectors including the public sector and non-profit organisations in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Sarah’s background and active interest in environmental science and the outdoors means that she regularly integrates the power of nature into learning experiences and immersions. Visit LinkedIn for a detailed list of her accreditations and qualifications.

Lauren Davis | Director

Lauren is passionate about shifting culture in the workplace to create an environment where individuals and teams can grow.

Drawing on her clinical psychology background she is able to support and guide employees and leaders find their purpose, unleash their passion, fulfill their potential and optimise their performance. She works with clients to move away from merely surviving towards being able to thrive in their work and personal lives. Visit LinkedIn for a detailed list of her accreditations and qualifications.