Grow leadership

“People leave their manager; they don't leave companies” John Stumpt

Effective leadership is critical to the success of any organisation. We work with groups and individuals across all levels of an organisation to:

  • increase personal, interpersonal and leadership effectiveness
  • improve communication
  • deepen the quality of thinking and ability to grow relationships
  • enhance cross-departmental collaboration and create greater team cohesiveness.
  • deconstruct hierarchical and silo thinking
  • ignite innovative problem solving and the ability to learn and course-correct.

We run a wide variety of leadership programmes tailored to the specific needs of each organisation.

Examples of programmes include:

Women’s Leadership

Can we have it all?

We are deeply aware of the variety and intensity of challenges that women face: Be it coping with busyness, tackling the never ending “to do” list and juggling the multitude of different daily roles. We journey with women to uncover and explore how to create a collective shift from just “surviving” to truly thriving across all aspects of life, including what is means to lead from a feminine perspective.

Our programmes include:

  • Short thought ignition sessions to unlock collective thinking in an organisation around the challenges women face and where seeds of change lie.
  • rogrammes where like-minded women can engage in a series of meaningful conversations to re-imagine their leadership footprint, uncover what holds them back, explore self-leadership and connect to self.
  • Retreats held in countryside settings provide an opportunity to create deeper connections to self and renew sense of wellbeing

Leadership unplugged

Senior team enabler

We often encounter senior teams that hold impressive track records in terms of attending leadership workshops. However, these groups still find it difficult to translate the theory learnt into consistent leadership behaviour. Our Leadership Unplugged approach is designed to fill this gap.

Sessions are co-created with the team to release their collective skills, knowledge and potential. We use their foundations in leadership to go deeper and explore what is limiting thinking and actions, and what beliefs are driving behaviours. This enables us to get to the heart of what is really needed to shift theory into everyday practice. These sessions can range from 2-hour sessions to half or full day(s) off-site immersions.


Nature has incredible restorative powers that quieten the mind and enable new perspectives and fresh ideas to seep in and unleash innovation.

Our baobaB connection immersions blend the benefits of a countryside break with a consciously held facilitation that has been designed and framed to meet specific company goals.

The results are powerful.

To date, we have used immersion experiences to improve relationships within teams, enhance the quality of leadership and individually shift perspective on what is possible. In short, we use our immersions as a basket in which to carry out a spectrum of work, ranging from strategy sessions to team issues and more.

“A few days of Immersion gave us the chance to understand each other and the business more than an entire year of meetings.”– Anon.