Shape future direction

Starting, stagnating or at the brink of catapulting – no matter where your organisation is in its journey, baobaB connection works with senior management to see their business and its future from a different perspective.

We focus on four keys areas:

  1. Purpose - The core of the business that provides continuity, stability and cohesion.
  2. Vision - The drive for progress that leads to change, innovation and renewal.
  3. Values and behaviours - The culture that brings it all together.
  4. Road map – The plan that details how to create change across the organisation.

To help people re-imagine their organisation we explore a range of areas including:

  • What is your purpose? Why do you exist as an organisation?
  • Does your purpose hold you steady in a turbulent market and can you use it to recruit passionate competent people?
  • Is your vision crisp, clear, inspiring and engages the hearts and minds of all your people? How do the values or your organisation align to the vision?
  • Does the current culture of your organisation create a springboard to your future?
  • Do you have a visual model that captures the core of where you are now and the future you are imagining?

Our work can include:

  • Sessions with a senior team to ignite ideas and refine thinking on purpose, vision, values, business model and culture.
  • Crafting a road map to change based on key information gained through the process on what is working, areas to improve and how to create change moving forward.
  • Designing a framework to engage people in the process and roll-out to infuse changes throughout the organisation, drawing on a blend of appropriate change leadership tools and techniques.

“Talk, laugh, walk, sleep, breath and be”